The 6 Week Spring Clear-Out (Detox )is a program that will teach  how start your Spring free from all your “stuff”!  This exclusive program will focus on 6 specific areas  that collect the most “stuff” during the winter!

These locations are:

  • Pantry in the kitchen
  • Cabinet under your sink in master bedroom
  • Linen/Hall Closet
  • Dressier & top of dressier
  • Entryway/Mudroom 
  • Entertainment Center/Bookcase in Living Room


 Included in the Program


  • Membership to a private Facebook Group that will give you quick & easy access to all the tools.
  • Unlimited access to a total of 9 hours worth of the actual detox  appointments. 
  • Easy to follow & specific downloadable tools for each unique detox location.
  • 6 “before” & “after” video check-ins where will questions from members will be answered! 


Detoxing the “stuff” in your life is a journey that needs, support, inspiration, & a little humor! Which is what makes this 6 Week Spring Detox Workshop different- you will be supported, motivated, & inspired throughout the 6 Weeks & most importantly you will learn you are not alone on your journey to realize you truly are more than your stuff!



6 Week Spring Workshop