Organizing Needs to Be Personalized to Work

Happy 2020 it’s so cool to have a New Year and a new decade starting simultaneously.  This is the time of the year where we all make resolutions about diet, exercise and money. Our inboxes are full of ads for all of these topics and more, especially about organizing.  Target has “organizational systems” on sale & blog posts everywhere on Google want to get you organized! Whenever I receive an email that starts something like, “10 Must Have Items to Finally Get You Organized” I get a tight stomach! Yes, even the word “organize” sparks uneasiness for me.  Is that crazy? I think my reaction is what led me to use an alternative word in all the services that Embrace Yourself offers: Detox. Now, that I have shared my dislike for that word beginning  with “O” let’s look at the whole organizing fad.

In recent years the job title “Professional Organizer “ has exploded.  It seems like organizing and how to do it has become America’s newest, trendiest activity! So by now it should be really simple to organize your stuff, right? Just put it in a closet or drawer and BOOM! you’re done. Wrong! The concept of organizing for most people is stressful because of the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be organized.  Organizing can seem pointless, exhausting, & never ending. The blogs, books, magazines, emails & social posts make it seem so easy & fast to organize.  You are not the problem and you are not alone!  The “cookie cutter” tips and simplistic blog to-do lists  are not personalized.

I believe each and every one of us is unique so the whole concept, process and feelings around detoxing a closet depends on the person doing it.  I like to organize, then rework my closet(s). Some people like to detox, reorganize and just be done in one rainy weekend. Most people think they have to follow the post that says “How to Detox Your Closets in 10 Easy Steps” so they start the process and get to Step 4 realizing for them it’s going to take hours longer than anticipated.  Then the organizing project becomes overwhelming, and we feel like failures because we couldn’t complete these “easy” steps. No wonder we give up!

My life does not fit into a pretty, neat box or timeframe; does yours? The process of organizing needs to be personal, on your time frame and must meet YOUR goals! Embrace Yourself’s Detoxing services are all personalized because no two client’s process is the same!  Studies show if a person re-organizes their closet, kitchen or (insert the area you need to tidy) in a process that creates an end result of joy and pride, the risk of the clutter creeping back in are much lower.

So, my wish for you in 2020 is to give yourself a break! Email me for a Complimentary Consultation if one of your New Year’s goals is to reorganize any part of your life and/or space. Here are some questions I ask in my Complimentary Consultations:

What are your goals?

What’s your time frame?

What’s your budget?

Why are you doing this now?

Are you emotionally ready to do this? 

Suggestions for organizing seen on social or in blogs and magazines may be useful, but keep in mind that they were not written for you.  Here’s to a clutter-free and joyous New Year!

All the Best,

Sarah J. Duffy

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