I have recently been reflecting on and researching why I do what I do and what exactly it is that I do.  Yes, I teach clients how to organize & detox their things and I can create 15 new outfits in anyone’s closet, but WHY am I driven to do it? Here is what I’ve discovered...

My Dad just passed away on February 27th. He and I were very close, not to boast but I was his favorite!  We looked at life the same way and I always gravitated toward teaching or motivating people like my Dad did his whole life. Teaching was my Dad’s Super Power; not just the teaching he did in the classroom for 30+ years but the way he would explain things to people, all kinds of things to all kinds of people!  And his challenge of life-long learning was inspiring. He shared his knowledge about so many things: the history of Vermont, the Fish & Wildlife Board, saving a historic building in North Hero, anything having to do with our Irish heritage & his love for the true stories and contributions of Ethan Allen and his brothers!  These are just a few things my Dad studied, was passionate about and then shared with the world. Never in my life was he stagnate!

My Dad was the first person to comment about my “style” and suggested to me at age 13 that I should be a Stylist!  I was standing in our kitchen wearing his old navy blue blazer with the gold buttons, rolled up sleeves revealing the silk jacket lining,  jeans, Nike sneakers & a t-shirt. This is the style I learned from this amazing mens clothing store in Princeton, NJ that he would take me to at Christmas when we were visiting the Duffys.  Harry Ballots, it was full of amazingly beautiful tailored suits, the smell of tweed and classic hats. My Dad would buy himself a few shirts or order a custom tailored jacket. I loved that that they knew him by name even there! I think he was hard to forget, as he would start the story-telling and the men would be enraptured by his teaching. He taught and made connections everywhere he went! I would watch, learn and internalize little by little what my Dad’s Super Power was!

When I started Embrace Yourself in 2014 I knew nothing about running a business or creating or marketing the services I now offer. What I did know was that I wanted to help women see how amazing they are!  I studied, learned about running a business, tried different things and have never been stagnant! I spoke, taught, motivated and spread the word by connecting. Even the name of my business reflects my WHY and even my Super Power!

I have discovered my Why and I attribute it to watching and learning from my Dad and to sharing the same DNA! I teach, inspire and motivate clients to see past the “stuff” in their spaces, minds and lives that keeps them Stuck. So, thank you John Duffy, for seeing my potential in fashion, being my mentor throughout my life and  most of all, for inspiring my Why!

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