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Organizing Personality Types

What’s Yours?

Most people know what type of personality they have. I do outgoing, optimistic, & creative. If I asked you I’m sure some words would spring to mind about yours pretty easily. When it comes to organizing your stuff you also have a personality type. I have learned working with clients that people truly desire to have an organized closet but, don’t know how to create one that functions for them. The most important thing I can do is to listen to each client & learn their unique organizing personality.

If you Google “types of organizing” you can get countless opinions, blog, newsletters, & even TED Talks on the subject. I have narrowed the list to 3 dominate Organizing Personalities:

Visual, Linear, or Stations Personality:

Just like most anything people are a combination of at least 2 types of organizing personalities with one dominate personality type. It is very important to be aware & understand these organizing traits function well for you to achieve your detoxing & organizing goals.

Let’s talk & let me create a plan to help you once & for all get rid of the stuff that gets in the way of you having the one of a kind life that you deserve!

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