Easy To Use Detoxing to Tool to Jump Start 20201

Happy 2021' & welcome to the my first blog post of the year. This is the time of the year everyone is cleaning, organizing, purging, ect. So, I'm sharing something i use with my clients to keep them focused momentum & motivation when they are doing a Deep Dive Detox. You will get the most benefit out of this tool if you download it, print it, & post it in a location where you will see & read it often. I have clients attach it to their bathroom mirror, inside their closet door, or maybe on their 2021' motivation or vision board. This tool is designed for you to connect & gain awareness of the emotions that trigger you to, "want the stuff, buy the stuff, & keep the stuff." Knowing what your "triggers" are will create an opportunity for you to," stop before you shop"!

So, go ahead get ready to have an amazing year- really you can Do It! Set those goals, dream your dreams, & remember I'm here to get you #unstuckfromthestuff that gets

in your way!

inner voice pdf
Download PDF • 96KB

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