Embrace Your Health

The topic for this week’s blog came to me in the form of the stomach flu! After weeks of working on a project and creating a presentation, the day arrived and things went really well. I met fantastic, inspiring people who truly connected with the things I talked about, most importantly Embrace Yourself’s message!

Later that evening feeling happy, inspired and wanting to celebrate, unfortunately my body had other plans. The timing couldn’t have been worse; I had all this motivation, momentum... and a fever! Embrace Yourself’s purpose is to uplift and motivate people to see their greatness even though their “stuff” can keep them Stuck. How could I have forgotten that? I had just spoken about it 5 hours earlier! Your “stuff” has power over you because of the emotion attached to it, and the “stuff” doesn’t have to be physical, it can be that annoying voice in your head. And mine was the voice of perfection! I had “pushed through it” and “sucked it up” for a month. I had clearly forgotten to embrace my HEALTH! So my body decided to remind me in the most impactful way it could, with a stomach virus!

My “stuff” was the voice of perfection! I had, “pushed through it” or “sucked it up” for 1 month! I had clearly forgotten to Embrace My Health! So, now my body decided to remind me in the most impactful way it can with a stomach virus !

To fully embrace yourself your health must be top on your to-do list. I know for sure that lessons appear when they are supposed to, not when we make time for them in our crazy over scheduled lives. And this lesson turned out to be a week long course for me! Your health is not something to focus on only when you have time or at the beginning of the New Year. Focusing on embracing your health means slowing down checking in with yourself both physically and mentally. Skipping lunch to go to Target or binging on late-night Netflix when you should be asleep is not Embracing Yourself or Your Health. Instead it is keeping you STUCK! I was Stuck putting 100% of my focus on my business and this presentation by listening to the “stuff/noise” in my head driving me to perfection. Embracing Yourself means loving, accepting and caring for all of the pieces that are YOU! To have a successful “Detox” of your “stuff” you have acknowledge the emotion involved and have that Ah-Ha moment or the “stuff” will walk right back in!

I am feeling much better and won’t be drinking ginger ale anytime soon, that’s for sure. I’ve decided to complete this lesson by consistently showing up for class and taking the power back from the annoying perfectionist voice in my head!!

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