Confessions of a Former Checklist Maker

Consistent routine, preplan your week, schedule your day hourly & achieve, achieve,

achieve. Does any of this sound familiar? I have heard followed these rules most of my life. Lately, I have been asking myself: Is this structured, preplanned , consistent routine focused life something that helps me?

Honestly, my answer is no. I have lived most of my adult yearning for the safety of routine using checklists & calendars as my tools to create order. I am one of those people who actually reads a car manual when I buy a new car! Routine to me has created order, safety, & of course the illusion of control.

I have come to a place in my life where I am feeling weighted down by “to do lists” & preplanned weekly schedules. Don’t misunderstand me being a Detoxing & Organizing Coach I love things to be organized & accessible but not too the point of compulsion and loss of ones perspective. I have realized that a rigid structured daily, weekly, & monthly schedule stifles my creativity. The overachiever in me feels like a complete failure if the “things”on the calendar are not completed as planned.

I was struggling with a routine for my day that was helping me grow instead of box me in. I realized that this struggle was nothing new and in the past my reaction was to give up. Instead of moving closer to achieving my goals it became about whether I did it according to the daily checklist or weekly plan. Giving up would always get me “stuck”. The same old failure & “not enough” mind stories would get stuck in my thoughts. I would hear, “Again you gave up” or “You are completely unmotivated & lazy”. None of these stories would motivate me get up & try again!

Lately, I have decided to try something new-create my own daily schedule with goals that work for me. I looked at what worked in the past kept those things & threw out the rest. It was a freeing feeling very similar to a “Deep Dive Detox”. The “stuff” I Detoxed were the rigid tools & timelines created by other people. I still follow Oprah’s advice & use Rachel Hollis’s “Start Today Journal”. They are inspiring women but not me! My “Aha Moment” came when I realized there is nothing wrong with personalizing their tools for my life.

Here’s a challenge I have for you Look at the “tools “ you use in your life & ask yourself is it time to do a “detox”?Are they improving your life & helping you achieve your goals? Is the schedule you create in your calendar daily, weekly, & monthly helping you progress or are you “stuck”. Your routines, schedules, & calendars need to be unique to your life & current circumstances. Really take some time to answer the question don’t be afraid to make adjustments & remember it’s your life. If the tools you are using are keeping you “stuck” try something new.

One bite @ a time, one step @ a time, & one breathe @ a time.”

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