Meet Sarah J. Duffy

The woman behind Embrace Yourself 


Hi, I’m Sarah J. Duffy, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for teaching — but not in the traditional sense.  My “classrooms” have most often been dressing rooms, make up chair and s & spa treatment rooms during my 25+ years in the fashion and beauty industries.  My subjects have included personal styling, skin care and product knowledge.  I created Embrace Yourself in 2014' to continue to motivate, teach, & inspire people to see how amazing they are inspite of their "stuff" sometimes getting in the way.

I have observed many unique behaviors, habits, & reasons for why  people have too much “stuff”.  They all have one  thing in common: the  purchasing, acquiring, & keeping  “stuff”  is done to meet an internal emotional need.  I believe that a lot of  the time low self confidence, negative "mind chatter", & constant comparison to "others"  triggers  us to, want stuff, buy stuff, & keep stuff". I. will not simply  show  you how to reorganize or declutter your stuff. I will be your personal Motivating Detoxing Coach that works with you to figure out what  keeps you stuck. As your  Motivational Detoxing Coach I will listen to you, push you, & never ever give up on you! 

Embrace Yourself’s  specialized Deep Dive Detox Services are customized to meet you wherever you are on your journey.  I would be  honored to be your Motivational Detoxing Coach. Let's work together to get rid of the "stuff" in your life & make sure it doesn't walk back in!


All my best,

Sarah J. Duffy


“Sarah J Duffy is the best coach of coaches when it comes to getting rid of stuff & teaching you that it's not just about the stuff but what  things represent.”

— Julie D.