Meet Sarah J. Duffy

The woman behind Embrace Yourself 

I started Embrace Yourself  in January 2014 after being in the fashion & beauty industry for many years. The most fulfilling part of my job, whether assisting a customer with creating an interview outfit,  fitting a woman for the right size bra, or doing a makeup consultation, was always the moment she saw herself in the mirror !  The glow that would come to her face when she truly saw herself on the outside the way she felt on the inside!


Helping women learn to wear clothes that celebrate who they are TODAY is the goal at Embrace Yourself!  I believe  that creating your own personal style is not just about having a great wardrobe, or a "detoxed closet. it is about self-acceptance, self-awareness, & self-empowerment!  ​


I choose the name Embrace Yourself because that is something women struggle to do most of their lives! I am truly passionate about teaching each client to claim their personal power through fashion & style which then allows them embrace the amazingly wondrous & beautiful women they are!



Sarah J. Duffy