It all starts with a conversation...


 Hi, I’m Sarah! For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for teaching — but not in the traditional sense. My “classrooms” have most often been dressing rooms, make up chair and s & spa treatment rooms during my 25+ years in the fashion and beauty industries.  My subjects have included personal styling, skin care and product knowledge.  In 2014' I created Embrace Yourself  motivated by my passion to serve & uplift others.  Embrace Yourself's mission is to support , teach, & inspire clients to get #unstuckfrometheirstuff. Society bombards us every minute with new stuff & the urgent need to get it!   I will not be simply  showing you how to reorganize or declutter your stuff  I will be your personal Motivational Detoxing Coach!  I'm going to Coach you on how to get in touch with the emotional triggers that push you  to want stuff, buy stuff, & keep the stuff.  As your Coach, I will listen to you, push you, & never ever give up on you!

And before I even look at your space, it all starts with a conversation...a complimentary 30 minute consultation in fact!

It would be my absolute pleasure to use my knowledge and passion to empower you to


Transitional Detox

Moving? Downsizing? Changing jobs? Transitions are hard enough without the added stress of what to do with all your STUFF! Let me help you  reduce the stress o major changes by Coaching you in detoxing, removing & donating items throughout your house. 

Relocation Detox

 Buying a home & moving are stressful! Are you ready to experience my proven strategies that are designed to lower your stress & add organization to a sometimes unorganized & emotional experience.

Reclaim your space

Are you ready to both Detox your Closet & create a new updated Personal Style?  This service is all about Detoxing with a wardrobe twist! Get ready  to shop in your closet & create 14 unique new looks!  

dress for a special event

I can help you shop for an outfit and accessories that will make you feel like a million, without spending that much!


Patti Danis

“I love the inspiration Embrace Yourself gives me, love the videos, advice and enthusiasm Sarah provides.