It all starts with a conversation...

Hi, I'm Sarah J. Duffy! In 2014 I decided to use my 25+ years in the fashion and beauty industry and my passion for empowering people through teaching to start Embrace Yourself. My goal is to shine light on each and every client so that they can see how miraculous, phenomenal and impressive they are in spite of sometimes feeling both burdened and surrounded by too much stuff. Everyone is on their own journey and in some phases of life we become overwhelmed when we look around and realize the amount of stuff in our lives is preventing us from enjoying life! That's when reorganizing, detoxing and purging the clutter will clear the path. I will meet you at whatever stage you are in and help you get to the next without judgement so that you can let go of the overwhelm and guilty emotions that often accompanies sorting our stuff. And before I even look at your space, it all starts with a conversation...a complimentary 30 minute consultation in fact!

It would be my absolute pleasure to use my knowledge and passion to empower you to


detox your closet

Is too much stuff getting in the way of you finding the items that serve you best? Let's find those treasures that make you happy!

Reclaim your space

Moving? Downsizing? Know your space could be put to better use? Detoxing & reorganizing will make that vision a reality.

create a fresh style

Don't know what your style is or what looks good on your body? Remove the angst and the yoga pants with an update!

dress for a special event

I can help you shop for an outfit and accessories that will make you feel like a million, without spending that much!


Patti Danis

“I love the inspiration Embrace Yourself gives me, love the videos, advice and enthusiasm Sarah provides.